• Del and Woody – a review

    Great songwriting teams are an alchemy of negotiated creativity. Regardless of how the team works, an agreement must be struck between the two as to what aspect of a song takes precedence: words or music. Sometimes the teams easily agree

  • Becky Buller at The Emelin Theater

    If Becky Buller is modern bluegrass, then I approve. I attended her show at the Emelin Theater in Mamaroneck, NY last Friday (4/8) with a friend, out of curiosity. I like Becky’s new album 'Tween Earth and Sky. I wondered

  • Section House – A Collection of Instrumentals

    Back in 1995, an unexpected event triggered one of the most successful instrumental bluegrass series in history. Guitarist Clay Jones recorded an album of scorching fiddle tunes with a group of his friends for Pinecastle Records. But after it was completed, he slipped

  • Banjo Concerto No. 2: Juno by Béla Fleck

    Somewhere in the midst of an album and EP with Abigail Washburn (with full-time touring and winning a Grammy), an album and touring with Chick Corea, performing his concerto, The Impostor, dozens of times, and being a father, the indefatigable Béla Fleck

  • Modern Day Man – Josh Williams

    So, is Josh Williams a bluegrass singer or a country crooner? People who have enjoyed his silky smooth voice this past twenty five years might well wonder. Williams has made his living in the bluegrass world, currently holding down the guitar

  • Southern Crescent – Town Mountain

    Asheville’s Town Mountain finds some Louisiana groove on their new release, Southern Crescent. It’s hard to find a list of “Best Places To Live” that does not have Asheville, NC on it. The people, the community, the arts, the Blue Ridge Mountains:

  • Bright Star – Love, Loss, Laughs, and Bluegrass?

    One hot new Broadway musical, complete with banjos, mandolins, fiddles and the like, is called Bright Star. It incorporates old timey and bluegrassy music and instruments in a story that takes place in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Weaving between 1945 and 1923,