• Commentary: Why IBMA Matters

    As regular readers of Bluegrass Today may remember, I am not always full of praise when I write about IBMA, some of its actions and some of its leaders. But I don’t think resigning from the organization or deciding not to

  • To stream or not to stream

    An issue much on the minds of performing artists and songwriters these days is the rapid growth of streaming audio services like Pandora or Spotify, which offer targeted music streams designed to follow the tastes of individual listeners, but which

  • The Vocal Minority – IBMA Edition

    This commentary is a contribution from four former members of the Board of Directors of the International Bluegrass Music Association. All four, Henri Deschamps, Craig Ferguson, Elizabeth Wightman, and Brian Smith, resigned from the Board following a dispute with the

  • An open letter to IBMA from Art Menius

    This commentary is a contribution from Art Menius, who has been involved with the International Bluegrass Music Association since its inception. He delivered it to the IBMA Board last week, prior to their official meeting on November 19, and has

  • For IBMA, Time For A Change

    It’s time for Jon Weisberger to resign as the chairman of IBMA’s board of directors. I don’t say that lightly. As a lifetime member of the organization, I’ve put $1,000 where my mouth is because I believe in bluegrass music, earn

  • A Wrong That Must Be Righted

    Another year, and Hazel Dickens is still not a member of the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame. This is a slight that must be righted. But here’s the cold, hard truth. It’s possible that she never makes the cut. This year’s inductees,

  • Strinfdusters…? Fran Solivan…?

    At Bluegrass Today, we try to offer our readers the most up-to-date information possible. Therefore, we depend on tips from our readers, industry professionals, and numerous contributors. The following statement comes from longtime tip-giver Katy Hill.  Being an avid lover and