• Blue Yodel #19 – Moneygrass

    March Madness, to me, doesn’t mean basketball. Rather, it’s the perennial delusion that just by showing up in Peoria, Arizona, and running a few wind-sprints, the San Diego Padres are guaranteed in seven months to be spraying champagne over themselves after

  • You didn’t hear this from me…

    I have always loved a good conspiracy theory. I believe almost all of them, too, whether they become discredited in the media or not. When I hear that something has been “disproved,” I believe that’s just what “they” want us

  • The Rose Garden Inn

    Growing up in Hurricane WV was a real blessing in my life. Hurricane and surrounding towns were a hotbed of bluegrass music lovers, with a wealth of fine musicians. I remember as a young man, when my dad took me

  • Blue Yodel #17 – #bluegrassgrammy-attackads

    Tweets in Response to Steve Martin's Blatant Attempt to Increase Public Awareness of Bluegrass Grammy #bluegrassgrammyattackads Steve Martin claims to be illegitimate son of Jimmy Martin. Nope, says Jimmy in Skype session from beyond. #bluegrassgrammyattackads Steve Martin mispronounces “banjo” on Letterman. No,

  • Steve Martin throws down the gauntlet

    Steve Martin took to Twitter last week, in a blatant attempt to influence Grammy voters heading into Awards Season. Hollywood has long embraced the tradition of pushing projects forward in the press, both to hopefully garner Oscar nominations, and subsequently, to


    If you think that this article is going to pit one organization against the other, or compare one to the other, then just stop reading now. A friend once told me that for every stone I throw, expect ten stones

  • What me… serious?

    Recently it has come to my attention that some readers of this column are actually taking it seriously. This concerns me, especially since in the last several columns I’ve been giving out “advice” for new bands. It troubles me to