• Managing bluegrass

    This has turned into a lengthy series on bluegrass band self-management, which is fitting because we live in a do-it-yourself era, from self-service gas pumps to self-checkout at grocery stores. I’ve even recently learned to eat meals without professional assistance.

  • Book your first gig

    Somewhere deep in my list of items that are on a new bluegrass band’s to-do list was this little, seemingly trivial task: “Book a gig.” I think it was somewhere after selecting stage clothes and seeking endorsement deals. Many—though by no

  • Blue Yodel #12 – Ciúnas Gan Uaigneas

    This year, I mean it. No more abandoning resolutions to learn the fiddle or write a song every week. No more good intentions turned into shovel-ready projects to hell. No more orgy of self-loathing with two guys named Ben &

  • Billboard bluegrass

    What do Alison Krauss, comedian/actor/novelist/art buff Steve Martin, classical cellist Yo-Yo Ma, classic rocker Tommy Shaw, and country star Dierks Bentley have in common? And what does that list have in common with Trampled by Turtles, Steve Ivey, Dr. Elmo (he

  • Walk A Mile In Their Shoes

    Reflecting back on the past year, it's been a busy and eventful one, and I don't need a guardian angel Clarence to help me realize it's a wonderful life. Our CD It's My Turn, released in late 2010, received a good

  • Albums of the Year? YOU Decide!

    Well, 2011 has come to a close, and for bluegrass, it was exceptional year. We saw new releases from nearly everyone, and many were exceptional. It really is a great time to be a bluegrass fan. There are more albums coming

  • Top 11 signs your band is breaking up

    I hope the holiday season has treated you well, that the relatives who gave you that sweater that was two sizes too small saved a receipt, and that you didn’t get sick of Christmas Times a-Comin’ before Christmas time actually