• Be afraid… be very afraid

    Before I proceed, I’d like to brace you for the fact that I’ll be telling stories this week that are actually true. I hate to deviate so far from the usual pattern, but in the case of this week’s subject,

  • Dream on, bluegrass buddies

    I guess I should have known this would happen. I was very clear last week that I was retiring from interpreting bluegrass dreams. I didn’t even want to be in that role in the first place. Allow me to quote

  • Do you dream in bluegrass?

    Last week I published a list of topics for bluegrass music camp elective classes that, based on trial and unmistakable error, were deemed colossal failures. I didn’t, however, say that the topics couldn’t be discussed in this column. One of them

  • Bluegrass camp survival tips

    Now that March is upon us, it’s only natural to think ahead to the end of winter (if you got any where you live) and the coming festival season. The festival season also means the season of the bluegrass music

  • Blue Yodel #19 – Moneygrass

    March Madness, to me, doesn’t mean basketball. Rather, it’s the perennial delusion that just by showing up in Peoria, Arizona, and running a few wind-sprints, the San Diego Padres are guaranteed in seven months to be spraying champagne over themselves after

  • You didn’t hear this from me…

    I have always loved a good conspiracy theory. I believe almost all of them, too, whether they become discredited in the media or not. When I hear that something has been “disproved,” I believe that’s just what “they” want us