• Happy Songs of Sunshine and Light

    A while back I was invited to bring my fiddle to a potluck party some friends of mine hosted in the mountains near Asheville, North Carolina. I brought along my instrument in the hopes of finding some bluegrass musicians to

  • The Dogs of Bluegrass

    With dog talk seemingly taking over the US Presidential race, it seems like a perfect time to highlight this clever piece of work from Zach White. Zach is a country/bluegrass musician currently studying commercial music at Belmont University, where he performs with

  • Bluegrass to English translations

    People that are new to bluegrass music sometimes need some help in translating our jargon. Hearing that someone is “tearing it up on the five” may sound like ordinary and recognizable information to us, but to the uninitiated, it’s not

  • It’s the Melody, Stupid!

    In 1992, Bill Clinton grabbed headlines with the phrase “It's the economy, stupid," and used it to unseat George Bush as President. I’m not trying to stir up old political feuds or throw a hissy fit, but my point here should

  • Inspiration… or indoctrination?

    Lisa McCoury shared this precious photo of husband Rob playing the banjo for their next little McCoury, due to hit the scene in about six weeks. She tells us that he was playing some Don Reno-style banjo, since Lisa is a

  • Tales From The Road

    The primary purpose of pursuing our musical interest is the music itself, and I enjoy simply sitting in the living room practicing with our group, with no one watching. The process of writing a song, arranging it and bringing it

  • 2012 AWOB schedule of events

    If you will recall, last week I discussed the holding of a parallel World of Bluegrass purely for the purpose of arguing about various aspects of bluegrass music. Below, I have outlined a proposed schedule of events for the Argumentative

  • So’s your old man!

    If there’s one thing I love, it’s arguing about bluegrass music. Oh, it’s fun to play it, and it’s great to listen to it, as far as that goes, but it’s just much more rewarding to treat it as a