• 2014 Bluegrass Knowledge Test

    Every January, or thereabouts (January to April or so) I publish an annual bluegrass music quiz, known officially as the Bluegrass Knowledge Test, or BKT (believe me, it took numerous meetings, presentations, and the formation of several committees to come

  • No-risk predictions for 2014

    As discussed last week, making resolutions is a popular January pastime. Making predictions for the coming year is another one, and many psychics, whether amateur, professional, or semi-pro (weekend psychics), are already weighing in. Really, as with New Year’s resolutions, there’s

  • If all else fails… email Mom

    New Year’s resolutions are, for the most part, doomed to failure. I’m sorry to be the one to quell New Year’s optimism, but try to just think of me as the messenger. I’m merely stating an undisputed fact. Now for the good

  • Most boring bluegrass stories of 2013

    Ah, the New Year: it’s a time filled with the promise of a new day, or technically speaking, a new year, which is exactly what it is. I’m feeling inspired just spouting cliches about it. For many, it’s a time of

  • Best of 2013: Daniel Mullins vs. Billboard

    Billboard, who publishes the (supposedly) quintessential music charts, have released their year-end chart of the Top 15 Bluegrass Albums of 2013. 15. Leaving Eden - Carolina Chocolate Drops 14. Brothers of the Highway - Dailey & Vincent 13. The Living Years - The Isaacs 12. Ahoy! - The Punch Brothers 11. Hammer Down - The

  • A Baker’s Dozen for 2013

    My mailbox and inbox overflowed with music in 2013, as sure a sign as any that bluegrass is alive and well. There’s good news and bad news about that. The good news is that much of that music was very well

  • Let me get something off my chest…

    I had originally planned to take this day off, even after the conversation I’d had yesterday with Bluegrass Today’s editor-in-chief and headline-writer extraordinaire, John Lawless: John: “You’ll want all day tomorrow, I suppose.” Me: “If quite convenient, sir.” John: “It’s not convenient, and

  • Christmas gig songs – humbug!

    These remarks from Chris Jones have been revised and extended since being published previously at Bluegrass Today. ‘Tis the season: a time when many bluegrass bands shut down or heavily curtail their touring and think more of family and home (for

  • A Few More Words About Tony Rice

    This commentary is a contribution from Caroline Wright, in response to a number of comments to our previous articles about Tony Rice's financial difficulties, which suggest that he was unworthy of such assistance. Friends and neighbors and fellow guitar lovers, I'm