• Most boring bluegrass stories of 2014

    We were going to have the second form of quiz this week, the annual bluegrass general knowledge test, but first we need to deal with some other January business: the annual recap of the the most boring stories in bluegrass

  • The Vocal Minority – IBMA Edition

    This commentary is a contribution from four former members of the Board of Directors of the International Bluegrass Music Association. All four, Henri Deschamps, Craig Ferguson, Elizabeth Wightman, and Brian Smith, resigned from the Board following a dispute with the

  • New Year’s 2015 bluegrass quiz

    Well, we’ve come to the end of the calendar year (my personal year came to an end in November), and what I usually like to do at this time of year, besides put on a silly party hat and hum

  • Merry Christmas from Chris Jones

    The following is a column which was originally posted last Christmas Day. You probably didn’t read it at the time. I know I didn’t. Since I managed to pound one out last Christmas Day, I decided I was entitled to take

  • Proposition: the IBMA Book of Records

    Whatever the future makeup of the IBMA Board of Directors might be in an ideal world (heaven), whether it have 16 members or 5 members, whether it be human, canine, or asenine, there’s something I really wish its members would

  • Thanks… Thanks a lot

    Earlier in the week I was thinking I should weigh in on the recent IBMA board of directors controversy. You know, the one described by one noted bluegrass sage as “the worst crisis in the IBMA since the Galt House