• Chris Jones: Letter From The Road

    It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks that saw The Night Drivers and me going from Bean Blossom, Indiana to Huck Finn’s Jubilee in Victorville, California and back to Tennessee in less than a week. We did some night driving,

  • Blue Yodel #33 – Pomp & Bluegrass

    In the past few weeks, my daughter graduated from college and my son graduated from high school. I say this with a great deal of pride, but also with a certain sadness at how quickly life goes by—quickly, that is,

  • Bgrs txtng shrthnd

    I realize this probably dates me, but I’m not a very good texter. I do have what is, technically speaking, a “smartphone”, but it’s a tiny secret agent-sized job that has no keyboard, therefore I rely on  the “predictive text”

  • International touring Dos and Don’ts

    International touring is something that most professional musicians will have an opportunity to do at some point in their careers, and last week I introduced you to some of the joys and hazards of this kind of work. I saved

  • Blue Yodel #31 – Sync or Swym

    No, Sync or Swym is not the latest single from IIIrd Tyme Out. Nor is it an old Welsh proverb. I just needed a title for this week’s Blue Yodel topic: sync rights. Wait! This is really fascinating stuff! I promise

  • International Man of Bluegrass

    I’m writing this from an airplane heading west back to North America after a short European tour. Since the flight is 9 hours long, I finished watching a mediocre movie over an hour ago, the seatbelt sign has been on

  • Talking Doc Watson Blues

    This is a debut column from Art Menius, who we hope will be a regular contributor at Bluegrass Today. Art has many years' experience as a writer, and in the organizational realm of traditional music. His will be a welcome