• Time to Shake Things Up at IBMA

    At one point during Wednesday night’s announcement of nominees for this year’s IBMA awards, Jim Lauderdale caught himself reading the choices for female vocalist of the year for the second time, and Sam Bush kidded about having a déjà vu moment. Unfortunately,

  • What your fast food choices say about you

    Judging by the hate mail, the slashed tires, and the kidnapping of my goldfish, I’d say last week’s column was a little too edgy. And I guess I understand; after all, what could be more controversial than suggesting that entertainers

  • Do’s and Don’ts for bluegrass MCs

    This is the third in a series on stage-show MC work. In the previous installment, I tried to  answer a few frequently asked questions (or FAQ, for those in a hurry), covering issues like who should do most of the

  • Doyle’s blooper reel

    While working in the studio on their Classic History album, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver had the cameras rolling to capture footage for a promo video for Doyle's new Family of Friends fan club. The CD, only available to Family of

  • We don’t talk between songs on our CD

    Something that you or your band must eventually face (besides a non-existent retirement plan), is that at some point, usually no more than three or four songs into a show, you will have to say something to your audience. With the

  • That’s Nothing… Listen To This!

    Somewhere deep in my file of road stories, I have an unpleasant recollection of spreading out a sleeping bag on the ground behind a truckstop in the former Yugoslavia (because there was no room at the inn), surrounded by empty