• For the bluegrass picker on your list…

    I don’t know if you participate in the relatively new Black Friday ritual or not, but if so, I hope you found what you were looking for last weekend, and more importantly, I hope you avoided any fatal trampling incidents.

  • Giving Thanks for Bluegrass Blessings

    We’re entering the long weekend of Thanksgiving today, which is, if you look on the positive side, a time of feasting on turkey and pumpkin pie, reuniting with family, happily braving the malls with other bargain-hunting Christmas shoppers, and giving

  • Pocket phrase book for studio musicians

    We just got through a two-part series on studio psychology, and the role of the engineer and producer in it, touching briefly on whether it’s better to eat regular or thin crust pizza during a recording session. I thought we

  • Oozing tension and other studio tips

    Going into the studio to record is something that all professional and semi-professional (and in some cases, complete amateur) musicians will do at some point in their careers, usually early and often. The studio, as anyone with experience can tell you,

  • By the Mark… Wahlberg

    Often when I have been on the receiving end of interview questions, and particularly when the interviewers are from outside the bluegrass community, I’ll get a question about the growth of bluegrass music and the general level of interest in

  • Merch Table Etiquette and Avian Scat

    A while back, I wrote here about bluegrass artists’ accessibility to fans, and about some of the interesting things people say to artists at their merchandise tables. Those that aren’t used to approaching people they don’t know and criticizing their work,