• An open letter to IBMA from Art Menius

    This commentary is a contribution from Art Menius, who has been involved with the International Bluegrass Music Association since its inception. He delivered it to the IBMA Board last week, prior to their official meeting on November 19, and has

  • For IBMA, Time For A Change

    It’s time for Jon Weisberger to resign as the chairman of IBMA’s board of directors. I don’t say that lightly. As a lifetime member of the organization, I’ve put $1,000 where my mouth is because I believe in bluegrass music, earn

  • Kick it up a notch in 2015

    Are you in the music business, bluegrass or otherwise? Is 2015 the year you plan to take your business to the next level by kicking it up a notch, thinking outside the box, marching to the beat of a different

  • Pouco Bessie with guava nectar

    The Night Drivers and I have just completed what I believe is the world’s second shortest European tour. The world’s shortest European tour involved a band that just took their instruments out at the baggage claim of Amsterdam Schipol airport,

  • 6 weeks in Myanmar, and other folk tales

    I’m in Scotland at the moment, and I’m taking a couple of Wednesdays off to clear my head and think of new jokes involving banjos, haggis, and curling. Meanwhile, though, during a recent seminar at the IBMA World of Bluegrass on

  • So I said to Alison…

    I addressed the issue of name-dropping early on in the life of this column. Bela said he was pretty happy with it, so I felt no need to follow up. Dan and Suzanne had also given it their stamp of

  • Hyperbanjoization and PIBMAWOBWOBFS

    This is going to be brief, as I’m still in the throes of post-IBMA-World-of-Bluegrass/Wide-Open-Bluegrass fatigue syndrome (PIBMAWOBWOBFS, or “Pib-ma-wob-wob-fus”). I hid away for three days, eating nothing but buckwheat pancakes and ramen noodles (not together), watching baseball, and listening to