• Bluegrass Band Name Game – part 3

    I made a solemn promise last week to wrap up this series-within-a-series on the naming of bluegrass bands, and I fully intend to keep my word. I was even tempted to move on to the next subject in the band

  • Bluegrass Band Name Game – part 2

    Before I continue this series on band self-management, and its sub-series on naming your bluegrass band, it might be useful to review some of what was discussed last week. A few recent trends in bluegrass music have also been called

  • Bluegrass Band Name Game

    The forming of a bluegrass band and the subsequent management of that band involves a lot of important decisions, too numerous to cover in a single column,so this will be the first of a series. Future columns will deal with

  • Banjo groupies and worrying wives

    Wives of male professional bluegrass musicians may from time to time harbor fears about “bluegrass groupies” out on the road. I’m here to put those fears to rest once and for all. This wouldn’t really be necessary if any of

  • Bluegrass email scam

    Unless you’ve never given your email address out to a living soul (I’m starting to think this is a good idea), you’ve probably received some spam emails of some kind, representing some scam or another. Maybe you’ve almost fallen for

  • Blue Yodel #4 – Sissy Bounce Bluegrass

    While publicly I’m all for big tents that allow more people to be part of (or at least buy a ticket for) this thing we call bluegrass, personally I have a very narrow definition: Bluegrass is whatever Bill Monroe whistled in

  • Blue Yodel #3 – The Complete Porter Mapes

        From: portermapes@gmail.com To: chris@chrisstuart.com Date: Sep. 3, 2011 Hey Pal, Well, it’s finally happened. I was hired on by the Willett Family to play banjo. This morning we hit the road at O dark 30 and as soon as I got in the van

  • Bluegrass Today test of knowledge

    Have you ever thought of someone you know as a “bluegrass know-it-all?” Has anyone ever accused you of the same? Or worse, has anyone ever suggested to you that you know nothing about bluegrass music? I can say from personal experience that,

  • Blue Yodel #2: Ask Mr. Blue Grass Smarty Pants

    Ask Mr. Blue Grass Smarty Pants will appear at odd times in the Blue Yodel column. Please send questions and comments to chris@chrisstuart.com for possible use. Dear Mr. Blue Grass Smarty Pants, When was the Blue Grass music discovered and what was it doing