• Blue Yodel #51 – Bluegrass Bluesman

    I spent yesterday with Josh Graves by reading Bluegrass Bluesman: Josh Graves A Memoir, a collection of transcribed interviews given in the '90s by the resonator guitar master. Expertly edited by Fred Bartenstein with help from a lot of good folks,

  • Helium Taxi from Rob Lifford

    Here's a real international bluegrass story, the tale of guitarist Rob Lifford, who grew up in New York, became passionate about bluegrass in South Korea, and ended up in Austin, TX jamming with the guys in Milkdrive. And like those Austin

  • Testing Tradition from the ETSU Bluegrass Band

    We've written many times about the bluegrass music program at East Tennessee State University, and their fine work turning out educated, capable young artists for the bluegrass farm teams. They are among the very few institutions where a talented young

  • Cold as Steel – Geoff Union

    For a musician living in Texas, Geoff Union certainly spans the country in his newest release, Cold as Steel. This Austin-based guitarist and vocalist sings about North Carolina, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Colorado and yes, Texas, on his first solo project,

  • American Drive

    The newly formed band American Drive may currently be best known for being the most recent version of the “New South” portion of J.D. Crowe and the New South, but don’t let the fact that their fearless leader is retiring

  • High on a Mountain – Compost Mountain Boys

    Many of today’s bluegrass bands have somewhat unusual names. Previous Bluegrass Today columns by Chris Jones have even discussed this phenomenon, suggesting that bands sometime simply open the refrigerator to find inspiration for their band name. However, other bands use

  • The HillBenders – Can You Hear Me?

    The 2009 winners of the Telluride Bluegrass Band Competition, The HillBenders have released its second full-length recording; Can You Hear Me? (Compass Records 7 4585 3). The quintet, formed in 2008 by personnel from diverse locations but now based in Springfield,