• Rise Sun – The Infamous Stringdusters

    A rousing and resourceful band by any definition, the Infamous Stringdusters find inspiration in a traditional template while still allowing themselves the freedom to navigate their way towards the future. The instrumentation adheres to a routine regimen — fiddles, banjos,

  • Have At It – Serene Green

    You have to admire a band like Serene Green. They find contentment in extolling the virtues of traditional bluegrass, paying no heed to whether or not they actually adhere to modern mores. The Pennsylvania-based quartet, consisting of Quentin Fisher (mandolin),

  • Urban Cowboy Reunion at YeeHaw Music Festival

     Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee at the 2020 YeeHaw Music Fest - photo © Bill Warren Ernie and Debi Evans had another successful YeeHaw Music Festival. Friday and Saturday were both great music days. Friday led off with Penny Creek. They are one

  • 2020 YeeHaw Music Festival in full swing

    Nothin' Fancy at the 2020 YeeHaw Music Fest - photo © Bill Warren The YeeHaw Music Festival in Florida is in full swing. Thursday found a few folks playing bingo. They were all having a big time! Jo Odom MC’s several of Evans Media

  • Duets & Ballads – The Cadleys

    There’s something to be said for the ability to recognize a great song. However it’s equally important to know how that particular tune can be adapted and reconfigured to fit one’s own individual template. After all, the challenge comes with

  • YeeHaw campers dig in, help out for potluck

    Wednesday is traditionally potluck night at the YeeHaw Music Fest. Promotors Ernie and Debi Evans provide enough chicken to feed an army! Bluegrassers not only eat, but they cook! There was a variety on the table from beans to mashed

  • Campers arriving for YeeHaw Music Fest ’20

    The YeeHaw Music Fest, held at the Agri-Civic Center in Okeechobee, Florida, has officially begun. Tuesday saw many campers arriving, and the early birds were treated to jamming under camper awnings and a special stage show. Eric Elison performed the music of

  • Landmark – Jake Workman

    When I first caught wind of Jake Workman, he was living in Utah and performing with Driven, a Kansas-based band featuring the McLemore brothers. Both Jake and his lovely wife, Rebekah played in the group, and I first got to