• Queen City Jubilee – The Slocan Ramblers

    The Slocan Ramblers are an ideal example of grassicana’s northern sweep and universal embrace, dancing along the line between bluegrass and old time music. Hailing from Canada, the quartet — Frank Evans (banjo, harmonica, vocals), Adrian Gross (mandolin), Darryl Poulsen

  • Next New Heartbreak – Brad Hudson

    Its a knowing musician who can bring listeners to the heights of sheer elation, and then ease them down with measured tomes offering reflection and rumination. Indeed, if thats the definition of an engaging artist then suffice it to say

  • 2018 Blissfield Bluegrass on the River

    Eight years ago an idea became a reality in Blissfield, Michigan. The Blissfield Downtown Development Authority presented Blissfield Bluegrass on the River for the first six years. The Southeast Michigan Bluegrass Music Association accepted the challenge of managing and operating

  • Béla Fleck Blue Ridge Banjo Camp

    Béla Fleck welcomes the class at the 2018 Blue Ridge Banjo Camp - photo by Brian Swenk “Immerse yourself.” If there was one consistent theme to the inaugural Béla Fleck Blue Ridge Banjo Camp, it wasn't necessarily the technical mechanics of banjo

  • Hills and Home – High Fidelity

    There’s something to be said for the effusive enthusiasm of bluegrass stirred with sentiment and spirituality. Indeed, that’s an initial indication of authenticity, a tack that High Fidelity pursues to the fullest. Well-garbed in their matching outfits and making no