• Salem Town – Backline

    With the two previous albums they’ve recorded so far, Backline have clearly made a formidable impression on their newfound fans and admirers. Singer Katelyn Ingardia is the band’s prime presence, and her stunning vocals electrify every song that finds her

  • Renaissance – Billy Droze

    As has been noted on these pages previously, Billy Droze has all the makings of a superstar. With any number of hit singles to his credit — which he’s penned for The Grascals, Junior Sisk, Flatt Lonesome, Darryl Worley, Shenandoah,

  • Fireweed – Natalie Padilla

    It would be hard to imagine an album more genuinely inspired or better imbued with sincerity than Fireweed, the latest offering from Natalie Padilla, a musician, educator, and enthusiast whose career has found equal standing in the worlds of both

  • All Aboard – The Songs of Del Done by Cash

    Granted, there’s sometimes a suspicion about the work of younger artists who are still years away from graduating high school, much less the university. The cutesy factor can easily enter the mix, and the more precocious and personable, the greater

  • The Basstree String Band

    Credit guitarist Mark Jones’ time spent in East Tennessee for instilling in him a love and admiration for authentic bluegrass, both in his mindset and his mantra. Although he now resides in his native UK, it’s clear that the lessons