• Pictures – Hammertowne

    There’s something to be said about putting one’s music where one’s mouth is. Simply put, that means not only tapping into a traditional template but also sharing the stories that are compatible  with its vintage origins. That’s the mantra that Hammertowne

  • New County Grass at The Kentuckians of Michigan

    New County Grass at The Kentuckians of Michigan (11/15/19) - photo © Bill Warren The Kentuckians of Michigan have presented bluegrass music through the fall, winter, and spring months for over twenty years. This past Friday night the club showcased one

  • City on a Hill – Mile Twelve

    The Boston-based band Mile Twelve take inspiration from their allegories. Their name refers to a mile marker on their hometown’s southern parameter, while their sophomore set, City on a Hill, references the fact that Boston boasts a long held reputation

  • Breaking In Lonesome – Rick Faris

    I had a hard time coming to grips with the fact that Breaking In Lonesome is Rick Faris’s first recording as a solo artist. Part of it is his decade-long presence in Special Consensus, where his agreeable vocals and stellar

  • Calling After Me – No Time Flatt

    The fact that Western Tennessee’s No Time Flatt chose to name themselves after a true bluegrass icon says something about their commitment to the cause. However it also doesn’t negate the fact that this band isn’t wholly tied to tradition.

  • Originalist – Audie Blaylock and Redline

    The title given the latest release by the veteran combo Audie Blaylock and Redline may, at first, seem something of a misnomer. While Blaylock (guitar, vocals) and his compatriots in Redline — Even Ward (banjo), Mason Wright (fiddle) and Reed