• Leaning Toward Leaving from Steve Gulley

    Rural Rhythm Records has released a second single from their new project with Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle, High Peaks and New Ground. It's a song Steve wrote with Tim Stafford called Leaning Toward Leaving, which trods the familiar ground of bluegrass

  • Kentucky Bound drops for Nothin’ Fancy

    Together now for 25 years, Virginia's Nothin' Fancy is preparing to release their 16th studio album. For a group that was thrown together to enter a band competition in 1994, that's quite a run! Mountain Fever Records has a debut single

  • The Army Vet Song from Volume Five

    When Jacob Burleson took the mandolin position with Volume Five back in 2016, a few people wondered if this young fella would be up to the job. Not yet 18 years old when he took the gig, Jacob quickly demonstrated

  • Hudson Bosworth to Nick Chandler and Delivered

    North Carolina's Nick Chandler and Delivered has announced their newest member, Hudson Bosworth, who joins the band on guitar. Hudson is another example of the talent being developed in the Bluegrass, Old Time, Celtic, and Country music program at ETSU, and

  • Brown Loflin, of Denton FarmPark, passes

    Brown Loflin with his wife Ruby at the 2019 Denton festival - photo by Sandy Hatley The bluegrass community lost a friend and promoter on Tuesday. Brown Loflin, owner of the central NC based Denton FarmPark and home to Doyle Lawson

  • Two new singles from Thomm Jutz

    Thomm Jutz is the most recent prominent bluegrass songwriter to present himself as a vocalist as well. Jutz has been an A-list writer in Nashville for some time, since moving there in 2003 from his native Germany. He has written

  • Keith Case passes

    Keith Case, former head of one of the most influential talent agencies managing roots and bluegrass music artists for the past 30 plus years, passed away on September 3, 2019. He was 79 years old.  Born on August 9, 1940, Case started