• Tune Up drops for Steve Bruce

    Steve Bruce, the banjo pickin' pastor from LaFollette, TN, has released another single from his all-instrumental project, What I Know Now. Even though all the tracks are banjo tunes, Steve says that they were all inspired by bits of scripture that

  • Adam McIntosh to Billy Blue Records

    Ed Leonard, Adam McIntosh, and Jerry Salley at Billy Blue Records Bluegrass artist Adam McIntosh has been announced as the newest signee with Billy Blue Records. We all know Adam from his many years on guitar with Joe Mullins & The Radio

  • Appalachian Smoke to Mountain Fever

    Mountain Fever Records has announced the signing of Appalachian Smoke to the label, with a new album expected next year. The band hails from that part of the southeastern US where Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee intersect, and with all five

  • Blue Mountain – debut single from Addie Levy

    Addie Levy is a new bluegrass artist on the national scene, having just released her debut single, Blue Mountain. A talented young singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist now living in Nashville, Levy grew up in the Appalachian region of southwestern Virginia where

  • Complicated Man from J.M. Clifford

    J.M. Clifford hasn't followed the typical path to bluegrass artist success. The rising singer and songwriter teaches music in his native Brooklyn, NY, at both the elementary school and college level. From a home base in New York City, his