• Bear Family set for The Brother Boys

    Germany's Bear Family Records has turned their archival attention to The Brother Boys, a pioneering Americana act from east Tennessee that blended bluegrass, old time, folk, country, and blues influences in their own original material. The result is The Brother Boys:

  • Nightbird drops for Wilson Banjo Co.

    It's a band... it's a banjo company... it's a duo. I'm so confused! Actually, Wilson Banjo Co. is all three, the shop where Steve Wilson builds his handmade banjos in South Carolina, and the name of his band, which is actually

  • Walk On – new single from Tina Adair

    Engelhardt Music Group has a new single for Tina Adair, fresh from her most recent solo album, Here Within My Heart, the first since taking her leave from Sister Sadie, a group she help found in 2012. This time it's her

  • Olivia Jo signs with ATS Records

    Olivia Jo with Milton Harkey, Lora Molen, and Lewell Molen with ATS Records Fast-rising young Virginia bluegrass vocalist, Olivia Jo, has signed with ATS Records, a brand new label based in Knoxville, TN. ATS was launched by Lewell and Lora Molen, who

  • Moondancer from Carley Arrowood

    Mountain Home Music has a new single today for Carley Arrowood, Moondancer, a story she's written about a Cherokee girl and a stunning white horse that becomes her fascination. The narrative of the song takes place in Arrowood's native western North