• Life without Earl

    This tribute to Earl Scruggs on the anniversary of his passing is a contribution from Jim Mills, a life-long student of Scruggs-style banjo, and a serious collector of the sort of pre war Gibson banjos that Earl played. Jim also

  • A Waltz For Earl from Tim Carter

    Nashville banjo picker Tim Carter has composed and recorded a lovely tribute to Earl Scruggs, using the uncommon form of a banjo waltz. The tune is titled A Waltz For Earl, and Tim has used it as a backdrop for this

  • Big Lick Scruggs tribute video

    Here's video of the Earl Scruggs tribute held last weekend at the Big Lick Festival in North Carolina. We published some photos yesterday taken by Laura Tate Ridge, and now comes this  27-minute video of the stage presentation, hosted by Little Roy Lewis and

  • Earl Scruggs in the Congressional Record

    Harold Rogers, a 16 term Congressman representing the 5th District in Kentucky, had the following tribute to Earl Scruggs read into the Congressional Record on April 17. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the life and legacy of Earl Scruggs,

  • Banjo Stylin’ – Porchlight Sessions

    The producers of the upcoming Porchlight Sessions film have assembled this set of outtakes from the many hours of footage they shot as a tribute to Earl Scruggs. You'll see comments and music from Chris Pandolfi, Béla Fleck and Alison Brown

  • Earl Scruggs interview online

    Back in 1989, former Blue Grass Boy Doug Hutchens taped a lengthy interview with Earl Scruggs that ran on Doug's radio show - which went by the clever title, Bluegrass Today. The occasion of Earl's passing has prompted Doug to make

  • Thanks for everything, Earl

    The day we all knew was inevitable has come, but knowing it's coming doesn't make it any easier when it does. It doesn't seem possible, but this man I only met for a few brief minutes probably had more impact

  • Kaz Inaba honors Earl Scruggs

    Noted Japanese bluegrass artist Kazuhiro Inaba sent along this video tribute to the late Earl Scruggs. I played “The Scruggs Medley” with my great respect and appreciation for Earl Scruggs last night at Mister Kelly’s in Osaka. Since I started to play

  • Earl: Exceptional Efficiency, Extreme Elegance

    This commemoration of Earl Scruggs comes from Jack Hatfield, who has earned his living teaching Scruggs' music for almost 40 years. His Scruggs Corner columns for Banjo Newsletter are collectors items, as they contained start-to-finish transcriptions from Scruggs recordings, including

  • Ryan Cavanaugh on Earl Scruggs

    This Earl Scruggs tribute is a contribution from avant-garde and jazz banjo pioneer, Ryan Cavanaugh. I was fortunate enough to have a few conversations with our hero Earl Scruggs, and having spent my formative years in an extensive study of his