• Blue Yodel #18 – Pete Goble

    I hope when I’m 80 years old I can say what Pete Goble said to me on the phone the other day: “I’m writing more songs now than I ever did in my life and I think I’m writing better songs.” I

  • Writing that High Lonesome Sound

    The following report comes from comes from Max Gainey. He details his experiences at World of Bluegrass 2011 from the perspective of an aspiring songwriter.  This September, as in past years, I went to Nashville to meet with bluegrass professionals as

  • Larry Cordle Receiving Honors

    On October 21 Larry Cordle’s alma mater, Morehead State University, will induct him into the Alumni Hall of Fame. After spending some time in the U.S. Navy, Cordle enrolled at MSU and graduated in 1975 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

  • Bringing Songwriters into the IBMA Community

    Louisa Branscomb remembers the feeling of a different IBMA world. Walking along the banks of the Ohio river at a past World of Bluegrass celebration (then held in Owensboro, Kentucky), she reflected on the honors bestowed upon groups, vocalists, instrumentalists,

  • Niall Toner and Airplay Direct

    Airplay Direct had recently announced an expansion into the international market for their popular and successful radio delivery service. The company now services 6,700 stations worldwide in more than 100 countries, with close to 30,000 artist and record label members

  • Catchin’ up with Dale Ann Bradley

    In some ways, Dale Ann Bradley is just like the rest of us. She daydreams about getting away to the beach, frets about the search for true love and feels the aches and pains of getting older. But Dale Ann, unlike

  • Liz Meyer RIP

    Liz Meyer, one of Europe’s adopted American bluegrassers, passed away on Friday 26 August after a decade-long battle with cancer. In April 2009 doctors discovered severe bone dancer that led to a long stay in the Klinik St. Georg, Bad Aibling,