• Planet Bluegrass Podcast

    There is now one more bluegrass podcast in circulation over the internet. Planet Bluegrass is now hosting a bi-weekly podcast featuring interviews with performers scheduled to appear at upcoming festivals. The podcast also includes memories from past festivals and news

  • Audie Blaylock featured in Richmond Times Dispatch

    The Richmond Times Dispatch website recently posted a story about Audie Blaylock. It's a nice article with some good background info about Audie, including some great comments from him about Jimmy Martin. If you'd like some info about Audie, go

  • Butch Baldassari Online Video Instruction

    Butch Baldassari has announced that he is experimenting with realtime mandolin lessons over the internet via webcasting. He's planning both private and group lessons and will be hosting the sessions from his teaching facility in Nashville, TN using MSN-Messenger. To

  • Still more MySpace bluegrass

    It seems that these notes about bluegrass artists creating pages on MySpace.com are becoming a regular occurrence. Find our previous posts with info on bluegrass artist MySpace pages here. Tim Stafford just contacted us to mention that he has a personal

  • Rebel catalog now on iTunes

    Rebel Records announced on Friday (2/24) that their entire catalog is now available for digital download from Apple's iTunes Music Store. Every current, in-print release can be purchased via iTunes, as well as a few out of print titles. Rebel

  • Even more MySpace bluegrass

    Following up on a post from earlier this week... We have heard from a few other bluegrass bands who have created a home on MySpace.com. Blue Moon Rising and 3 Fox Drive can both be found on this hugely popular network.

  • Into The Blue expands to 3 hours

    Starting March 5, 2006, the popular syndicated bluegrass radio program Into The Blue will expand to three hours. The show is hosted by Terry Herd, and aired by 180 affiliates in 36 states, with affiliate stations placing the show in