• Lost John video from Frank & Allie Lee

    Frank & Allie Lee have released a single and a music video from their upcoming 2020 album on Bake Tone Records, Treat A Stranger Right. The accomplished old time duo are also recognized for their work with The Freight Hoppers. Frank's

  • CBA honor given to The Bluegrass Cardinals

    Now that David Parmley has laid down his guitar, at least for touring purposes, and has some more time on his hands, he has shared this lovely plaque he was presented by the California Bluegrass Association during the summer. It was

  • Annbjørg video from Hawktail

    Hawktail has been making waves in string music this past few years, for their adventurous explorations along the edges of the region where the experimental bluegrass and neo classical worlds collide. The innovative instrumental quartet melds their undisputed virtuosity into

  • Irish Medley #2 video from Robert Mabe

    Virtuoso banjoist Robert Mabe has released a new single with a video this month, a set of three Irish fiddle tunes billed as Irish Medley #2. Included are his arrangements of Morrisons Jig, Banish Misfortune, and an unknown reel. Mabe is

  • Fiddlin’ film now on iTunes and Amazon

    Fiddlin', the feature-length documentary film about the Old Fiddlers Convention in Galax, VA, is now available on two major streaming services online. Both Amazon and iTunes have added the film to their catalog today, allowing viewers to either purchase or