• Good Enough video from Amanda Cook

    Mountain Fever Records will release a second single from their upcoming album for Amanda Cook on Tuesday, January 8. It's something of a departure for the Florida-based bluegrass singer, whose previous song was a hard-driving, in-your-face number, You Were Mine. This

  • Randy Barrett steps down from DCBU

    Randy Barrett, longtime President of the DC Bluegrass Union, has stepped down after serving for 12 years. But his work in that position was far more than chairing meetings and answering email. He came on the Board during a time of

  • GuitarBench Magazine returns online

    Great news for lovers, players, and builders of fine, handmade acoustic guitars! GuitarBench Magazine is back after a hiatus of nearly three years. Initially an online quarterly publication, the magazine launched a bit ahead of the current revolution in web publishing,

  • Top 30 bluegrass songs of 2018

    Here it is folks... The Top 30 bluegrass songs as reflected by radio play over the course of 2018. This chart was compiled by combining results from our 52 Bluegrass Today Weekly Airplay chart reports over the year. How did your favorite

  • Bits & Pieces video from Ralph & Ondra

    Czech grassers Ondra Kozák and Ralph Schut have created a music video for the title track of their latest album, Bits & Pieces. Both are exceptional musicians, well known throughout the bluegrass scene in eastern Europe, and other than the occasional pronunciation of a

  • SPBGMA Midwest Bluegrass Awards nominees

    In addition to their national bluegrass awards, the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America has announced the nominees for their 45th annual Midwest Bluegrass Awards. Winners are to be announced at their 36th Midwest Convention in Jefferson City, MO

  • 2019 SPBGMA Award nominees

    The Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America has announced the nominees for their 45th annual Bluegrass Music Awards. Winners will be announced February 3, 2019 at their 36th national convention at Nashville's Sheraton Music City hotel. And the