• Wedding Dress video from Red Herring

    We all know the term red herring to mean a diversion or distraction; something to throw us off a scent. It's an old expression, often used in argument, to describe an attempt to deflect your attention. But it's also the name

  • Claire Lynch talks about her Thompson guitar

    Preston Thompson Guitars in Oregon continues to make inroads with bluegrass artists,winning them over with their close craftsmanship and attention to detail in vintage-style construction. Today they are proud to offer this video of their latest endorser, Claire Lynch, demonstrating her

  • Are You OK Alone? video from Jenni Lyn

    Katherine Street Records has released their first music video from Jenni Lyn Gardner's solo project, Burn Another Candle. The video is an interesting production, directed by Nashville filmmaker Dycee Wildman, for Jenni Lyn's song, Are You OK Alone? Visually stark in

  • New video from The Cody Sisters

    The Cody Sisters, a pair of teen siblings from Colorado who perform regularly in the Denver area, are a young group you'll want to keep an eye on. Megan (14) plays guitar, and Maddie (12) is on mandolin. Their dad, Steve,

  • Changes afoot at Renfro Valley

    During this past weekend, April 30/May 1, 2017, reports emerged that the Renfro Valley Entertainment Center had dispensed with the services of members of their house-band, led by Kimberly ‘Kricket’ Reynolds. On Saturday night after that evening’s show, they were presented

  • Brady Plays The Fiddle by Melissa Auell

    Melissa Auell is a banjo-playing mom in Colorado, who decided to take on the problem of not finding children's books about bluegrass music herself. Of course, it helps that she's a professional writer and illustrator already, with the necessary skills

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