• Tim Shelton – GrassCast #52

    Listen now: (IE users click to activate) This week's guest on The GrassCast is Tim Shelton of NewFound Road. Their latest CD, Life In A Song, was released the end of September 2006. Tim and John

  • Claire Lynch – GrassCast Interview #50

    Listen now: (IE users click to activate) Our guest on this episode of The GrassCast is Claire Lynch. In the interview John and Claire discuss her history in bluegrass music, talk about her band members, and

  • Wichita Rutherford – Ricky Skaggs?

    If you've been following Wichita Rutherford's video podcasts lately, you know that Wichita's last attempt to impersonate Ricky Skaggs was met with disapproval by his card playing buddies from Three Ring Circle. He said he was done trying and there

  • What did Alison Krauss call her grandmothers?

    That's the question that's answered in the final installment of Wichita Rutherford's IBMA video clips. It's one of Wichita's great True or Rumor podcasts. If you just can't stay out the personal life of a bluegrass celebrity and have to

  • Dale Ann Bradley – GrassCast Interview #47

    John visits with Dale Ann Bradley in this episode of The GrassCast. John and Dale Ann discuss her new CD Catch Tomorrow, and specifically talk about about several of the tunes. They also trace Dale Ann's carreer in bluegrass music,

  • Barry Abernathy on WUNC today

    Barry Abernathy will be the featured guest today on The Story with Dick Gordon, aired on WUNC (North Carolina Public Radio). Barry is the banjo player with Mountain Heart, and performed previously with both Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver and IIIrd