• Bluegrass Country Soul playing cards available

    Ahead of their upcoming Golden Anniversary restored edition of Bluegrass Country Soul, the filmmakers have created a special set of playing cards using still images from the film on the back. The 1971 feature-length film chronicled the happenings at Carlton Haney's

  • Fiddlin’ film heads out to the festivals

    The film festivals, that is. Fiddlin', a documentary project about the culture and the people at the Old Fiddlers Convention, held in Galax, VA each year, is finished and will be entered in a number of film festivals starting this month.

  • Banjos, Bluegrass & Squirrel Barkers

    Rick Bowman, filmmaker with Backyard Green Films in San Deigo, CA has a special passion for bluegrass music. Despite his west coast location, he has family roots in Appalachia, and a long familiarity with the music and the people of

  • Linefork film on Lee Sexton, banjo man

    A film spotlighting eastern Kentucky old-time banjo master Lee Sexton has begun a series of screenings across the United States, beginning at Harvard University last week and continuing at several venues throughout Kentucky this week. Linefork follows Sexton, who is

  • The Farm Hands go to the movies

    Nashville's Farm Hands made a trip to Missouri recently to film an appearance for a movie, A Date With The Eclipse, set for release in 2018. Produced by Cliff House for Fly Bye Films, the movie is a faith-based project, a

  • The Mountain Minor film coming soon

    Bluegrass and related forms of old time and mountain music have long figured prominently in film. Perhaps it is the honesty and organic nature of the music that lends itself so well to use as a score, or the fact