• Good Night Folks

    Well folks, that's it for the night. Sam just closed the event out with some closing comments. The winners are back stage grinning, shaking, and hugging. The celebration will continue into the night I'm sure. As for us, we're heading

  • Sam Bush and band

    Sam Bush, our host for the evening has now been joined on stage by his band, consisting of Byron House, Scott Vestal, Stephen Mougin, and Chris Brown. They are throwning down on a lively version of Bringing in the Georgia Mail. Nobody

  • The 2007 Album of the Year

    Chris Jones and Jim VanCleve are presenting the Album of the Year. Who writes this stuff? Oh my... it's a tie! The award goes to J.D. Crowe & The New South for Lefty's Old Guitar, and Fork In The Road from

  • J.D. Crowe & The New South

    J.D. Crowe & The New South are on stage at this moment performing a good bluegrass number for the folks. Dwight McCall is singing lead on Just Loving You with Ron Stewart and Ricky Wasson completing the trio.

  • Bradley Walker renders one

    Just back from a commercial break, Bradley Walker is now on stage rendering a tune for the audience. He's cutting down on Life or Love with an all star band around him. Jim Van Cleve, Rob Ickes, Alicia Nugent, Carl Jackson,

  • Del McCoury on stage!

    Mr. Bluegrass has taken to the stage with his all star band for a performance of I'm Bound For The Land of Canaan from his latest all gospel CD. Love that G-Run!