• Thursday at the 2018 Yee Haw Music Fest

    The Yee Haw Music Fest 2018 stage show kicked off Thursday afternoon under the steady hand of MC Jo Odom. Local band, Scattered Grass, opened the show and celebrated their 15th anniversary. All four of the band members can sing

  • Wednesday photos from Yee Haw 2018

    Wednesday at the Yee Haw Music Fest is potluck/open mic day. Eating and picking are bluegrassers main hobbies, and eat and pick we did! The potluck was excellent as always. Radio personality Greg Bird entertained during the meal. Greg also

  • Early Bird show at Yee Haw Music Fest 2018

    Yee Haw Music Fest 2018 kicked off Tuesday evening with an “early bird” performance by Michael Reno Harrell. He was introduced by Greg Bird. Early arrivers were treated to stories and songs that took us through his younger days and

  • Saturday at Jekyll Island 2018

    Saturday at the Jekyll Island Bluegrass Festival found Norman and Judy Adams hard at work. Jekyll Island is the first of nine festivals they promote throughout the year. Norman is in his 43rd year of bluegrass festival promotion. The Malpass Brothers

  • Red Wine does the US in February

    With a number of US bluegrass artists touring in Europe over the winter, here's one coming the other way. Red Wine, Italy's top bluegrass band, is headed to the States in February for just over a week of dates along the

  • JoeVember hoping to launch in 2018

    By now most of us are familiar with the use of crowdfunding sites to raise money for all sorts of uses. In the music world, we see artists and bands create campaigns to fund new recordings, tours, and even travel

  • Friday at Jekyll Island 2018

    Friday had a special star at the Jekyll Island show. Norman and Judy Adams are very loyal to the bands that have played their shows. Two years ago Donny Catron of the Tennessee Gentlemen played Jekyll in what turned out