• Instruments stolen at IBMA (?) recovered

    We just received this note from Casey Henry: The Nashville Metro Police department has recovered two stolen instruments. A banjo and a mandolin. If anyone wants to claim them they should contact Detective Mavity at 615-862-7611. The Nashville police must be somewhat

  • IBMA attendance numbers

    We had a brief discussion on Sunday with IBMA Executive Director Dan Hays about attendance at this past week's events in Nashville. As always, Dan was careful not to be too specific since final numbers aren't all in, but early

  • IBMA 2005 in retrospect

    WARNING: Inside baseball follows. If you aren't an IBMA member or don't work in the business in some capacity, much of this lengthy post may not hold much interest for you. IBMA 2005 is now over. Most of us are home

  • IBMA Awards on the BBC

    The recent IBMA Awards have been covered in the mainstream press here in the US, and we have posted links to a few stories that we found. This morning, we found one on the BBC News web site, originally posted

  • Last day at IBMA

    Well, it's Sunday morning, and Brance and I will be headed back home sometime today. We still have a great many photos to pore through, and get the best of them up on the site, but we have to tear

  • Friday Night Fan Fest Report

    The Business Conference portion of the IBMA World Of Bluegrass is over and we are firmly into the Fan Fest. I'm pretty tired from a full week of activities, but I did make it out to several of the shows

  • A few more links to IBMA stories

    We found a few more articles in the online versions of print papers covering the IBMA events this past week. The Nashville City Paper had a story earlier in the week about the IBMA Business Conference, and a new one

  • IBMA Awards covered in Billboard

    Billboard.com, the online version of Billboard magazine, has a brief article about the IBMA Awards, written by Deborah Evans Price. It doesn't contain any news for readers of Bluegrass Today, but it is worth noting that the larger music industry