• More On Wednesday Night at IBMA

    I heartily second John's comment about being too busy to post showcase reviews in a timely manner. But even if this is late, these bands are still very worthy of mention. As it happens, each of the groups I watched

  • More Awards show photos

    Here's one last photo gallery before we all head back to Virginia. As always, we had a blast at IBMA, and hope everyone has enjoyed our coverage. Much more still to come over the weekend and throughout next week.

  • Thursday IBMA exhibit hall photos

    We'll be playing catch-up this next few days with photos, stories and video from this whirlwind week at IBMA. There is more to tell about events on Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon, plus we have a video interview with Sam Bush,

  • IBMA 2009 Awards Show

    Here's the archive for our live blog from the Awards Show last night. We've reversed the order so you can start reading at the top and follow the show to the end. 7:27 PM: - Just a couple minutes till show

  • IBMA 2009: Special Awards

    John and I have already had a busy day. We attended the Special Awards Luncheon, interviewed Sam Bush, and were interviewed by Katy Daley. At the Special Awards Luncheon we had the distinct pleasure of sharing a table with Rodney Dillard,

  • Live at the Awards Show – with photos

    Just a quick reminder about tonight's (10/1) International Bluegrass Music Awards, and our live coverage on Bluegrass Today. Brance and I will be in the press gallery at The Ryman Auditorium, announcing the winners here live as they are announced on

  • IBMA 2009: Mountain Heart

    Here's the video we've been telling you about from the Mountain Heart showcase the other night. Like John said, they're intentionally showcasing what they're doing that isn't straight up bluegrass. What do you think? http://media.libsyn.com/media/thegrasscast/mountain_heart.flv

  • Exhibit Hall Impressions

    This year's trade show exhibit hall seems to have noticeably fewer booths than in past years. (This picture labeled "Where's Gibson?" demonstrates this point admirably. Other long-time exhibitors notably absent are Huber Banjos and The Murphy Method.) Walking through the