• Wednesday night at IBMA

    Last night I stayed up late to sample the offerings at the afterhours showcases here at IBMA. I had a great time, though I am dragging just a little this morning. The first act I caught last night was David

  • Marty Raybon’s Chicken and Pickin’

    Last night John and I attended a showcase hosted by Marty Raybon and his band Full Circle. The show was a media event, by invitation only, designed to generate the kind of post I'm writing right now. While I've known

  • Chris Thile at IBMA

    Surely a highlight of IBMA week for me so far was the showcase performance last night from Chris Thile & How To Grow A Band. (more photos here) Regular readers of Bluegrass Today will have noted that I have expressed great

  • Internet Promotions Panel Discussion

    Yesterday I participated in a panel discussion here at IBMA about Internet Promotions: Myspace and beyond. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout. In past years the panels I've been a part of, whether as a

  • Pick it Girl!

    This post is a contribution from Casey Henry. Casey is the daughter of banjo player and bluegrass entrepreneur, Murphy Henry, and an accomplished banjo player in her own right, as well as an experienced instructor. Currently Casey and her brother

  • IBMA Keynote address from Jerry Douglas

    Last night's Keynote Address, traditionally offered on the first night of the IBMA World Of Bluegrass convention, was delivered by Jerry Douglas. His address seemed to focus on three basic themes: bluegrass music is in good shape, it is being noticed

  • IBMA… Day 1

    Like a great many other folks here at the World Of Bluegrass, Brance and I are moving a little slowly this morning. The first day at IBMA, for those who exhibit in the trade show, involves a frantic rush to load

  • Tim O’Brien concert at the Violin Shop

    This post is a contribution from Tim Kruzic, banjo player with Blue Daze. Tim is a long time friend of Bluegrass Today who has been involved with IBMA on many levels over the past several years. Serving on various committees

  • Awards Poll Update – 9/25/06

    World of Bluegrass week has begun and so this will be the last Awards Poll update before the actual awards show Thursday evening. Last week 18% of the registered users had voted in the poll. The number of voters has increased