• IBMA Awards Show flap reverbrates

    A number of people have contacted us, asking about the controversy during last week's International Bluegrass Music Awards, or wondering why we haven't covered it on Bluegrass Today. Both Brance and I were at the show (live blogging backstage), and

  • Uncle Josh Graves Tribute Photo

    With the passing of Uncle Josh still fresh in our recent memories, artist/photographer Adam Carlos sent us this photo from the tribute performance that occurred last Saturday evening at the IBMA Fan Fest. Please remember his family during this difficult

  • IBMA 2006 Awards Comparison

    This morning I thought we'd take a look at the IBMA 2006 Awards and compare the actualy winners with the winners of our unofficial poll. Our poll was open to all registered users of Bluegrass Today. We'll start at the

  • IBMA Exhibit Hall Photos 2

    Here is one more gallery of photos from Saturday at IBMA. I took these in the exhibit hall. Cherryholmes Jim Van Cleve Casey Henry Steve Huber Megan Lynch Reno and Rigsby Sizemore and Lawless Dan Miller Murphy Henry Tony Williams Fank Solivan II Joey Cox

  • Wichita Rutherford video from IBMA

    For those of you who weren't there, or those who were and just want to watch it again, Wichita Rutherford has posted one of the video clips he did for IBMA over at his blog. He actually did several and

  • Heading home…

    Brance and I are getting ready to pack it in and put Music City in the rear view mirror. We had a blast here during IBMA week, though it may take several days to get our eating and sleeping schedules

  • An Evening at the Opry

    After a week that has been non-stop activity, the Grascals topped off this most memorable week with a trip to the Grand Ole Opry and an appearance at Fan Fest. The whole tv portion was devoted to bluegrass tonight and it was

  • IBMA Special Awards

    Oops... We neglected to post the list of IBMA's Special Award winners, which were announced and distributed at a luncheon here in Nashville on Thursday afternoon. 2006 Broadcaster of the Year: Red Shipley, WAMU-FM, Washington, D.C. 2006 Bluegrass Event of

  • IBMA Exhibit Hall Photos

    Here's a nice group of photos from the Exhibit Hall. Photos by Dave Carney © 2006 Lawson and Reno Bull Harman Dan Miller Herschel Sizemore The Huber Booth Katy Daly Bill Keith Sewell and Leftwich Reid and Baucom Merriam and Bush Ronnie Reno Richard Gelardin Danny Roberts Roland White The Smiths Eberle and Vorndick