• Introducing Glider – The Rolling Capo

    Greg Bennett with Fine Musical Products in Nashville has introduced a new capo designed to roll easily along the neck for simple key changes - even while playing. Called Glider, this device will store behind the nut like most bluegrass guitarists

  • StewMac introduces new String Cleaner

    Stewart MacDonald has introduced a new string cleaning tool that should be very helpful for bluegrass players wanting to prolong string life on their instruments. The act of fingering the strings transfers oil from your hands onto the strings, which

  • Peterson introduces StroboClip HD tuner

    Peterson Strobe Tuners has introduced the latest enhancement in its line of clip-on tuners, the StroboClip HD. But first, a little history about the company and strobe tuners... Peterson has been at the forefront in electronic tuning technology since they were founded

  • New armrest cover from BanjoLit

    When BanjoLit introduced their handmade wooden banjo armrest, Dr Arm, back in 2015, it seemed a certainty that they would eventually get around to the development of this latest product, the Cover Banjo Armrest. The earliest models were designed to help

  • New Martin guitars for 2017

    C.F. Martin has introduced several new guitar models for 2017 which they have been displaying at industry trade and guitar shows in the early parts of this year. As is their habit, some are targeted at the collectors market, with

  • Claire Lynch talks about her Thompson guitar

    Preston Thompson Guitars in Oregon continues to make inroads with bluegrass artists,winning them over with their close craftsmanship and attention to detail in vintage-style construction. Today they are proud to offer this video of their latest endorser, Claire Lynch, demonstrating her