• Flatpicker Fuel

    Our good friend Brad Davis is one of those super fast flatpickers that leaves you wondering, "How does he do that?" Well, Brad wrote in to share one of his secrets (besides insane talent, and lots of practice). The secret

  • More Flatt & Scruggs DVDs soon

    The next editions in the series of DVDs featuring recordings from Best of The Flatt & Scruggs TV shows, Volume 5 and Volume 6 are scheduled for released on April 1. This series contains the best musical performances from a long

  • Recording King metal bodies resos debut

    Recording King has introduced a line of new metal body resonator instruments, including two guitars plus a mandolin and ukulele. All feature bell brass bodies and hand-spun cones, and the guitars offer the choice between a tricone and a single

  • New Washburn mandolins

    Washburn has announced the release of two new mandolin models, both designed to mimic the appearance of gently worn vintage instruments. These are solid wood mandolins featuring flame maple back and sides and a hand carved spruce top. The Washburn folks

  • Dannick introduces aluminum banjo tone ring

    The American Made Banjo Co. will unveil their new lightweight banjo tone ring today at the SPBGMA convention in Nashville. The Aluminum Dannick tone ring came into being after American Made owner Tom Mirisola's search for a lighter banjo with a

  • Jerry Douglas Beard guitar

    We picked up a few more details about the new Jerry Douglas signature resonator guitars from Beard Guitars, though there still isn't any new info on their web site. There will be two Douglas models - a production model and a

  • Sonny Osborne Scout banjo introduced

    Recording King has introduced the latest in their growing line of affordably priced tone ring banjos, a signature model for Sonny Osborne. This new model is called The Scout, and is a maple banjo with nickel plated parts. The peghead has

  • Randy Kohrs signature reso guitar

    Randy Kohrs was at the NAMM Show in Anaheim over last weekend to unveil his latest triumph - a signature, metal-body resonator guitar from Amistar Guitars. The guitar's body is made of brass, with a dark finish which allows the intricate

  • Jerry Douglas signature reso-guitar

    Beard Guitars has just announced the introduction of their Jerry Douglas signature series model resophonic guitars. The Douglas models were unveiled today at the Winter NAMM show in CA. There aren't many details on the Beard site, but I'm sure we can

  • Art Deco banjo from Recording King

    Recording King has introduced the latest model in their line of budget-priced, tone ring banjos. Known as the Deco King, this banjo features a luminous pearloid resonator and peghead overlay, a popular banjo appointment in the 1930s and early '40s. The