• Martin Tim O’Brien 00-18

    We heard recently from Larry Barnwell, a regional sales manager with C.F. Martin, and a long-time bluegrass musician. Larry was born in North Carolina and toured extensively as a member of the bluegrass band Monroe Doctrine in the 1970s, during which

  • Ron Stewart and the Yates banjo

    Regular readers of Bluegrass Today should be accustomed to reading rave reviews here of the work of Ron Stewart. Ron has established himself as perhaps the premier session player in and around bluegrass - on both fiddle and banjo -

  • New products from The Music Link

    The Music Link has announced two new products that will be of interest to banjo and guitar pickers. First up is an impact resistant, fiberglass case from Guardian Cases. They are available for both resonator banjo and dreadnaught guitar. The shell

  • Colorado Case instrument straps

    If you play an instrument other than the upright bass or fiddle, you probably use a strap. If you play upright bass and use a strap, please send me a photo! My point was that instrument straps are a vital part

  • Limited edition Gibson Victorian F-5 mandolin

    Yesterday, Gibson officially announced the debut of their latest limited edition, vintage-styled instrument - the Victorian F-5 mandolin. Only 15 of these unique instruments will be made, which combine features and appointments from both the F-4 and F-5 models that

  • Colorado Case and Case Logic join forces

    Two Colorado companies who are leaders in their respective fields will soon be working together to produce a new line of musical instrument cases. Colorado Case Company of Ft. Collins is a familiar name to musicians in all genres, bluegrass included.

  • Tim Stafford signature guitar from CA

    We've commented in the past about the ongoing outrage that Blue Highway guitarist - and highly influential flatpicking stylist - Tim Stafford has never received IBMA's Guitar Player Of The Year Award. Well, there is one organization who recognizes Tim's stature

  • New solid wood mandolin from The Loar

    The Loar has announced the summer 2008 debut of their latest mandolin model. The LM-600-VS is an F-style instrument, which the manufacturer describes as an accurate replica of the original 1920's F5-style model. It is a solid wood, hand-carved and graduated

  • Classic Oak titles reissued

    Long-time students of bluegrass instruments will recall with fondness the name Oak Publications, a division of Music Sales that released some fine instructional manuals for banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle and bass starting in the 1970s. While the brand has remained

  • Commemorative Earl Scruggs banjo update

    Here's a brief update to our post from last week about Gibson's new limited edition Earl Scruggs Flint Hill Special banjo model. In our previous post, we mentioned that no pricing information was found on the Gibson site, and that our