• New dreadnaught from Recording King

    In their ongoing effort to offer solid wood guitars at costs attractive to budget-minded consumers, Recording King has announced the introduction of their RD-310. This Asian-made dreadnaught model utilizes a solid, Adirondack spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides with a

  • Tortoguard from Josh Pickett

    We reported in May that guitar player Josh Pickett, formerly of Amber Collins & No Speed Limit, had made the move to Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time. Now we are pleased to announce his latest venture, Tortoguard Pickguards of

  • Washburn adds reso-guitars

    Washburn Guitars has introduced four resonator guitars to their expanding line of folk and bluegrass instruments. Three are round neck guitars, with one (R15S) made with a high nut, square neck design for horizontal play. Like the others in the series,

  • Recording King RD-10

    The Recording King brand, part of the Music Link family of Asian-made musical instruments, has consistently sought to produce better-than-average banjos and guitars at prices accessible to students, and those with limited resources for an instrument purchase. The introduction of their

  • Win an LM-500 mandolin

    The good folks at The Music Link are offering mandolinists a chance to grab an LM-500 from The Loar for $0.00. All you have to do to enter is visit The Loar on Facebook, and click the Like button. The contest

  • Nechville to produce limited edition Phantom XXV

    Nechville Musical Products will celebrate Tom Nechville's 25 years of building innovative banjos with a special, limited-edition version of their popular Phantom model. Only 25 of these instruments will be built, which will be called the Nechville XXV. Tom says that

  • Recording King RD-316 in May

    Recording King is set to release their latest dreadnaught guitar model, the RD-316. They are especially proud to note that this all solid wood instrument, with a lifetime warranty, will carry a minimum advertised price of $689 when it starts shipping

  • Washburn goes back to the future

    The George Washburn company made its bones in the late 19th and early 20th century building what were known at the time as parlor guitars, sometimes described as ladies' guitars. These were smaller body instruments, with a shorter scale, than

  • Peterson StroboClip tuner

    Since they were first introduced in the 1930s, musicians have regarded strobe tuners as the most accurate devices for obtaining an objective tuning reference. The early examples of this sort of tuner were expensive and cumbersome, and not practical for

  • TW Guitars introduces Redline model

    Audie Blaylock has a new Redline... and no, it's not a new band. TW Guitars has introduced a signature model guitar for Audie, which has been dubbed the Redline. It is made with an Adirondack red spruce top and Indian rosewood