• Bluegrass jigsaw puzzle

    Bluegrass artist Karen Cannon has introduced a new vehicle for her original paintings. In addition to her art prints and cards, she now offers a jigsaw puzzle based on her popular Coon Holler Jam Session image. The puzzle consists of 1,000

  • Huber introduces Truetone banjos

    Grace Van't Hof made mention earlier this week of the new banjos being introduced by Huber Banjos at IBMA this week. Huber calls them the Truetone series, and they are models which feature his newly-developed components, the HR-30 tone ring

  • Peavey to resurrect CA Guitars?

    We posted this past spring about CA Guitars closing up shop and going out of business, news that was most unwelcome to the small but exceedingly loyal band of CA aficionados out there. Their instruments were built with a carbon fiber

  • Help for Banjo FlyAway Finger

    Serious students of the 5 string banjo have long been plagued by a malady known as flyaway fingers. This dread disease afflicts those whose right hand fingers refuse to conform to recommended standards, which suggest keeping the fingers close to

  • Colorado Case absorbs Price Cases

    Colorado Case Company has expanded from their popular line of soft cases and case covers to include fiberglass flight cases for mandolin, guitar, fiddle and banjo. They will offer shaped, rectangular and teardrop cases selling in the $600-$900 range. Company President

  • LM-300 mandolin from The Loar

    The Loar has introduced a new hand-carved, solid wood mandolin. It's an A-model designated as the LM-300-VS, their first x-braced A style. The LM-300 is designed with fewer visual appointments, allowing them to offer it for sale at $374.99. The binding

  • Guardian fiberglass mandolin case

    Guardian debuted their new Professional Fiberglass mandolin case (CG-065) at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville last month. They had previously introduced fiberglass cases for banjo, guitar and cello. Like all the Guardian products, this case is designed to offer the

  • Kel Kroydon to launch affordable banjo

    The Kel Kroydon Banjo Company is set to introduce a new, more-affordable banjo line in late September. Dubbed the "Affordable Banjo," two models will be introduced at the Fall 2010 Banjo Camp North, just near Boston (9/24-26). Tom Mirisola, President of