• Deering introduces Rustic Wreath banjo

    Deering has introduced a new model in its Golden Series line called the Rustic Wreath, designed to capture some of the vintage appeal of older instruments in an economy-minded banjo. All of their Golden Series banjos are styled like the old

  • And To Think That I Saw It At Bean Blossom

    I wanted to begin this week by answering some concerns raised in the comments section and elsewhere about some of the contents of my columns, whether it be alleged pinball sexism, or alleged lack of respect for traditional bluegrass lyrics.

  • Deering adds three new banjo string sets

    Deering Banjo Company has added three new gauges to its offerings for banjo players, along with redesigned packaging for the entire line. This brings the total to seven different sets for five string banjoists, plus one for six string, two

  • Molly Tuttle and her Thompson guitar

    Molly Tuttle is the latest bluegrass artist to tie her horse to the Preston Thompson wagon, taking delivery recently of a new Thompson D-BA custom sunburst guitar at her home in Nashville. She posted a video sharing her excitement when it

  • G7 Heritage capo – reworked for 2018

    We heard recently from the good folks with G7 capos, a British company that has made tremendous strides in capo design this past few years. Their Heritage model was reviewed here when it was introduced in 2016, and they wanted

  • Banjo Strings from the Czech Republic

    At the recent SPBGMA convention in Nashville, banjo players were talking about the Czech Republic. No, they hadn't all suddenly taken an interest in eastern European politics or history. A pair of Czech builders were set up in the exhibit

  • Stringjoy offers money back guarantee

    Bluegrass pickers are like most other string musicians. Sometimes we feel a bit overwhelmed by all the new items and accessories thrown our way. Try these strings for vintage tone! This capo - or pick, or strap, or bridge pin

  • Meideal introduces capo/tuner combination

    The tuner/capo combination seems to have hit its groove in the fretted instrument accessory market. A number of companies now offer them for sale, with a new, lower-priced version from Shenzhen Meideal Musical Instruments Co. in China may tempt a

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