• Welcome Cheyanne Flemons!

    We told you last week about the two releases expected this month from Dom Flemons, banjo player, singer, and historian of the importance of African peoples in the development of American music and folk ways. First up was his new

  • Banjo Strings from the Czech Republic

    At the recent SPBGMA convention in Nashville, banjo players were talking about the Czech Republic. No, they hadn't all suddenly taken an interest in eastern European politics or history. A pair of Czech builders were set up in the exhibit

  • Welcome Kenzie Sparks!

    Congratulations to Jamie and Erin Sparks on the birth of their first child. Jamie is the banjo player with The Bluegrass Brothers. Kenzie Marie Sparks was born at 11:48 p.m. on February 11 in Farmville, VA at the Centra Southside Community

  • Queen Of Bluegrass highway proposed in Missouri

    People in northeastern Missouri love them some Rhonda Vincent. Watching her musical achievements over the years makes them so proud of the little girl from Kirksville, who many remember performing with her family, The Sally Mountain Show, starting back in

  • Stringjoy offers money back guarantee

    Bluegrass pickers are like most other string musicians. Sometimes we feel a bit overwhelmed by all the new items and accessories thrown our way. Try these strings for vintage tone! This capo - or pick, or strap, or bridge pin