• Stanley Museum seeking artifacts and recordings

    The Ralph Stanley Museum & Traditional Mountain Music Center in Clintwood, VA was founded in 2004, dedicated to preserving and promoting the music of Southwestern VA, in particular the contributions of Dr. Ralph Stanley. The various interactive museum exhibits include

  • Special offer on past Copper Creek calendars

    The Copper Creek Bluegrass Calendar has been a popular, if not staple, holiday gift item since they were first introduced in 1991. Not only does each month highlight important dates in bluegrass history, but birthdays of prominent bluegrass artists and

  • Larry Rice tribute in FL paper

    Thanks to reader Larry Jackson, who tipped us to this lovely Larry Rice tribute which appears in this morning's Citrus County Chronicle. The article by Nancy Kennedy contains quotes from Larry's widow, Linda, brothers Ronnie and Wyatt, and mom Louise

  • 18 Million Bluegrass Fans

    The May/June issue of International Bluegrass, the trade newsletter published by IBMA, has a story citing recent polling data from the Simmons Research firm that says there are 17,977,000 bluegrass fans in the US. That's 8.5% of the adult population

  • Larry Rice – obituary

    Thanks to Reed Franklin who sent us the following. St. Petersburg Times / Citrus County Edition. RICE, LARRY PRENTIS, 57, of Crystal River, died Saturday (May 13, 2006) at Citrus Memorial Health System, Inverness. Born in Danville, Va., he came here 28

  • New Kel Kroydon preview

    Tom Mirisola sent along a couple of photos of his latest Kel Kroydon banjo, a maple version of the KK-10, his American Made Banjo. The banjos are built by respected banjo maker Robin Smith in Nashville, and are available from

  • Thinking It Blue from Bononia Grass

    Among the things we are particularly proud to publicize and encourage on Bluegrass Today are the efforts of non-US bands and musicians who perform and record bluegrass music. Living as we do in the southeastern United States where this music

  • Ernie Thacker Update

    We just received another another update on Ernie Thackers health. This one came from David Russell. You can find the other posts about this here. Saturday, May 14, 2006 An update from the family Ernie's condition is improving. He is still listed in

  • Larry Rice passes

    We learn from our friend Mark Johnson that Larry Rice has passed away after a long battle with cancer. Bluegrass fans know Larry from his time with JD Crowe and the Kentucky Mountain Boys, and his later work with brothers

  • Tim Stafford profiled on CA Guitars site

    Tim Stafford is the current Featured Artist on the Composite Acoustics web site. The feature includes an interview with Tim (in both text and audio), plus some samples of his music and a complete discography. Of course, Tim's artist page