• It’s Michael Cleveland Day!

    Charlestown, IN, the hometown of celebrated bluegrass fiddler and bandleader, Michael Cleveland, has designated today (February 5, 2020) as Michael Cleveland Day. The honor was presented to him earlier today by Charlestown Mayor Treva Hodges, and Clerk-Treasurer Donna Coomer, to recognize

  • Nechville sets up shop in Portland, OR

    While at the SPBBGMA convention in Nashville this pst weekend, I ran into Tom Nechville, founder and proprietor of Nechville Musical Products. They are the designers and builders of all the fine Nechville banjos, made in Minnesota for the past

  • Brandon Bostic suffers broken vertebrae in crash

    Brandon Bostic, long time bluegrass sideman and popular Nashville personality, suffered two broken vertebrae in an automobile accident last week near his home. He suffered a seizure while driving up to record with Megan Lynch in Goodlettsville, and lost control

  • Welcome Adam Napier!

    Another bluegrass baby! Zion Napier, mandolinist with the Caleb Daughtery Band, and his wife, Kim, are celebrating the birth of their second child. Adam Willard Napier was born on January 16 at 10:48 p.m. at Columbus (Indiana) Regional hospital. He checked

  • Welcome Vera Rhea Frye!

    Travis Frye, guitarist with Travis Frye & Blue Mountain, and his wife, Monika, welcomed a baby girl to their family on January 20. Born at 12:22 p.m., Vera Rhea weighed in at 6 pounds, 12 ounces and was 19 inches

  • Congratulations Ellen and Michael!

    Two of the most popular musical families in Branson were united this past Saturday when Ellen Petersen and Michael Haygood were married at the First Baptist Church of Branson. Ellen plays banjo and sings with her family's bluegrass band, The Petersens,

  • Welcome Ian Clerkin!

    The first bluegrass baby of 2020! Kyle Clerkin, banjo player with The Caleb Daugherty Band, and his wife Katie, are celebrating the arrival of their second child. Ian William Clerkin was born at King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison, Indiana at 6:43

  • Welcome Alice Piatt!

    Cory Piatt, mandolinist with Mountain Faith and Kenny & Amanda Smith, and his wife, Jett, welcomed their first-born child just before Christmas. Alice Mariah Piatt was born in Nashville on December 23, weighing in at 7 lbs, 13 oz. In addition to