Friday SPBGMA report

This post is a contribution from Dave Roye.

What at time to have web server issues! (Argh!) I finally got 106 more photos I took the from Friday Night Jam Sessions at SPBGMA on the website … Is anybody having a good time? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!! Is the weather nice? WHO CARES?

The atmosphere at SPBGMA is laid back, full of BLUEGRASS MUSIC, and Nashville is a lot happier place for the reason that some of the nicest folks on the planet are here from all over!

One of the highlights for me Friday night was stumbling on to legendary Roni Stoneman in one of the hottest jams I have ever seen her play in! Brother, she can still and hang with the best of them!

There’s something for everybody here … some just stay at the showcase stage and see one great show after another, some are in the lobbies, hallways, or any place they can find to gather and jam, and some are just kickin’ back and enjoying the great time!