More photos from Loudoun

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As promised, here are more of Frank Baker’s photos from last weekend’s Loudoun Bluegrass Festival. This batch captures the competition, the barn dance and the overall Loudoun vibe. This weekend, Frank will be snagging images at Gettysburg. Look for those next week.

Band Contest Winners

  1. Banana Express
  2. The Woodpickers
  3. Annie and Mac


Banjo Contest Winners

  1. Patrick McCauley
  2. Evan Sands
  3. Dale Wagner


Fiddle Contest Winners

  1. Danny Knicely
  2. Joe Furtado
  3. Elizabeth Baker


Mandolin Contest Winners

  1. Taylor Baker
  2. Adam Kruzic
  3. Jeff Arey


Guitar Contest Winners

  1. Joe Mosely
  2. Kyle Windbeck
  3. Jody Moser


Frank Baker

Frank Baker

Frank Baker is a photographer based in Pennsylvania with a special passion for bluegrass.
Frank Baker

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