• We oughta be in pictures

    This week my laptop computer is being repaired by “Biff’s Hi-Tech Repair and Thrift Bread Store” in Donelson, TN, and I’m told it should be ready in “oh, about 6 days.” I have no usable backup with me right now,

  • Make it Christmas in July

    Admit it: you’re already starting to feel the Christmas spirit, at least just a little. You have to be; we’re already fighting about disposable coffee cups and other sacred symbols, and your drunk uncle hasn’t even arrived yet for Thanksgiving

  • Bluegrass NASCAR competition

    Several years ago, there was an event at the IBMA World of Bluegrass that was called the “Bluegrass Pentathlon.” If my memory serves me correctly, it was the brainchild of Pete Wernick, but I could be wrong; he has a

  • 2015 Retired Bluegrass Adjectives of the Year

    I hate being an alarmist, but we may need to start varying the adjectives we use in bluegrass artists’ bio material and press releases. The problem arose recently after the official retirement of three heavily-used (until now) adjectives, in ceremonies held

  • Night Drivers in Güglingen

    Güglingen, Germany. Day 8 of European tour: We just wrapped up a show at the Altes Theater in Heilbronn, Germany. As with last week’s show in Prague, this was a double bill with Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley. It’s a charming

  • Greetings from Prague, Czech Republic

    You may be used to this being my weekly humor column, unless you were one of the handful that missed that memo and thought this was deadly serious stuff I’ve been putting out every Wednesday (you have my sympathy, in

  • Date line: Raleigh, NC

    Date line: Raleigh, NC This is traditionally a short column, written some time in between the IBMA World of Bluegrass keynote address and a showcase I need to attend at Tir Na Nog (that’s a local pub which I believe is

  • Don’t they know…?

    I got a wide range of response to my suggestion that the world was going to be ending during the IBMA World of Bluegrass in Raleigh. After reading those responses, and in giving the whole issue some thought (but not

  • The end of the World (of Bluegrass)!

    I can’t delve too far into the specifics of it, but apparently the world is ending at the end of the month, more-or-less exactly in the middle of the IBMA World of Bluegrass, possibly during the Momentum Awards luncheon (I’d

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